Win A Limited Edition Life Is Strange Vinyl & Box Set!

Your chance to win a rare vinyl and a physical copy of Life Is Strange!

Dontnod and Square Enix's episodic graphic adventure game 'Life Is Strange' has been critically acclaimed the world over since it's release last year. The game, which sees photography student Maxine Caulfield attempt to prevent the total destruction of her town with her new found ability to rewind time, features a widely celebrated soundtrack, containing tracks from artists as far reaching as Jose Gonzalez, Mogwai, Amanda Palmer and Bright Eyes, and we're teaming up with the lovely folks over at Square Enix to give away a limited edition (1 of 500 globally!) vinyl soundtrack of Life is Strange alongside a box set of the title, containing a physical copy of the game for Xbox One, the CD edition of the game's phenomenal soundtrack and a stunning 32 page art book. This is truly the definitive way to experience 'Life Is Strange' and is an absolute must-have for fans of the game.

We have one (Yep. Just the one. It's really that rare a prize!) vinyl box set to give away, so if you want to be within a chance of winning, all you have to do is fill out the form below!
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