Win: Derren Brown Svengali On DVD, We Have 3 To Give Away

SvengaliTo celebrate the April 1st release of Derren Brown's 2012 Laurence Olivier Award winning stage show, Svengali on DVD we have 3 copies of the DVD to give away to readers. Famous for his hugely popular TV shows such as The Experiments and Apocalypse, as well as theatrical shows including his 2007 show Mind Reader €“ An Evening of Wonders and his 2010 Enigma, the entertainer and master of psychological mind-bending tricks Derren Brown once again creates a magnetic spectacle in his fifth stage tour SVENGALI. Centered around €˜Svengali€™, a two-hundred year old automaton who has an inexplicable ability to possess members of the audience, brace yourselves for a spectacular performance. See Brown extract secret confessions from the audience, paint an extraordinary portrait and have an audience member possessed by his very own Svengali. Considered to be his darkest show to date, Svengali is available to own for the first time on DVD and fans can watch as Brown creates a spine-tingling atmosphere leaving audiences baffled and astonished at the wonders of his magic. Enigmatic, engaging and eerie, join Derren Brown for Svengali and own the show that mesmerized the nation on DVD from 1st April 2013
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