Win: Dracula Prince of Darkness Blu-ray

Studiocanal are pleased to announce the fully restored HD release of iconic Hammer classic, Dracula Prince of Darkness.

DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS. The first in an ongoing collaboration with HAMMER to restore and re-release some of the most celebrated titles from their extensive library, DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS will be released on double play March 7th. We have three copies to gives away! Over the course of 2012 the project will see subsequent remastered HD releases of THE REPTILE and THE PLAGUE OF ZOMBIES in May, and THE DEVIL RIDES OUT, RASPUTIN THE MAD MONK and THE MUMMY€™S SHROUD later in the year in a continuation of STUDIOCANAL€™s commitment to investing and restoring the best of British Cinema. Preceding the Home Entertainment release fans will be delighted to know the restored version of DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS will screen alongside THE REPTILE AND THE PLAGUE OF ZOMBIES at a special Frightfest Extra event in Glasgow February 16th and 17th. The third in the landmark series, following HORROR OF DRACULA and BRIDES OF DRACULA, DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS features Christopher Lee€™s much anticipated return to the role after many years of refusing to €˜resume the cape€™, and as such is widely regarded as the true sequel to the original. It also features Hammer fan favourites Barbara Shelley (Village of The Damned, Quatermass and The Pit) and Andrew Keir (Quatermass and The Pit). Opening with a spectacular pre-titles sequence from HORROR OF DRACULA showing the climactic slaying of the count, the story begins ten years later with a group of unwary English travellers €“ Charles Kent (Francis Matthews, The Revenge of Frankenstein), his brother Alan (Charles Tingwell) and their wives Diana (Suzan farmer, Rasputin The Mad Monk) and Helen (Barbara Shelley) €“ journeying through the Carpathian woods. Foolishly ignoring the wise advice of gun-toting abbot, Father Sandor (Andrew Keir), the Kent€™s spend a night at the infamous castle at Karlsbad, where a mysterious retainer named Klove (Phillip Latham) tends to their every need. Later that night Klove slaughters one guest in a bloodthirsty ritual to resurrect his vampire lord to feast on the living once more. The remastered release is accompanied by a host of specially created new extras, produced in collaboration with Hammer expert and author Marcus Hear (author of €œThe Hammer Vault€) including a brand new making of featurette featuring interviews with original cast members. The winner will be notified in April.

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