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JFK, the historical thriller from Oliver Stone, stars Kevin Costner as New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison, who suspects there is more to the story of President Kennedy's assassination than the public is being told. Featuring a powerful supporting cast, including Donald Sutherland, Jack Lemmon and Gary Oldman as Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK is a must-see. Stone's almost obsessively detailed account of what could have happened on that fateful day, JFK remains the definitive take on the event. Kevin Costner plays New Orleans DA Jim Garrison, who was unconvinced by the Warren Commission Report and launched his own investigation into the killing. Initially, the film was released to major controversy and led to a campaign to make Congress re-open government records from the 1977 House Select Committee. Stone uses real archive footage as well as historical reconstruction and conjecture based on his own theories and those of others to present his argument that Kennedy was killed by the CIA due to his desire to withdraw troops from Vietnam. To commemorate Kennedy's assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald some fifty years ago today, and to celebrate the release of Oliver Stone's film on blu-ray,we are giving three readers the chance to win a copy of the film on blu-ray. JFK is available to buy now on Blu-Ray.
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