Win: Karl Urban Signed Dredd 3D Poster

We also have Dredd books to give away to the winner and some runners-up.

To celebrate the release of Dredd 3D in UK Cinemas from this Friday September 7th, What Culture are pleased to announce that we exclusively have one poster of the film to give away to our readers, signed by the masked man himself Karl Urban. We also have Dredd books to give away to the winner and some runners-up. Written by Alex Garland (28 Days Later, The Beach) and directed by Pete Travis (Vantage Point), Dredd also stars Olivia Thirlby and Lena Heady. Here's the official synopsis for the movie;
The future. America is an irradiated wasteland. On its East Coast, running from Boston to Washington DC lies Mega City One a vast, violent metropolis of over 400 million citizens living in perpetual fear. The only ones attempting to impose order in the urban chaos are The Judges. Law enforcers, juries, judges and executioners rolled into one. The epitome of these Judges is Dredd. The Chief Judge gives Dredd a mission. To road test a rookie Judge, the powerful psychic Cassandra Anderson. It is to be a training day. The Judges head for a seemingly routine homicide in the notorious Peach Trees mega-block - a 200 story vertical slum run by the pitiless Ma-Ma clan. When the Judges attempt to arrest one of Ma-Ma€™s chief henchmen, Ma-Ma shuts down the entire building and orders her clan to hunt the judges down. Our two judges are now caught in a vicious and relentless fight for survival.
And the trailer; For your chance to win, first like us on Facebook... Already a fan? You can skip this part. ... and then email with the e-mail header Dredd. Make sure you leave your full name and address and that you are over the age of 15. Winners will be picked at random and notified in October.
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