Gareth Edwards' delightful indie science fiction thriller that could, Monsters, was released on Blu-ray & DVD earlier this week and if you haven't gotten around to seeing it yet, you are quite simply nuts. There's a reason why Edwards has been courted to tame the giant Godzilla at Legendary Pictures and Monsters is it. We have teamed up with Vertigo Films to give away one copy of Monsters away on Blu-ray and on DVD to our readers. Soon after a NASA probe sent to collect samples from Jupiter€™s moon, Europa, crash-landed in Central America, strange new life forms began to appear in the area forcing half of Mexico to be quarantined as an infected zone. Six years later, US and Mexican military forces are struggling to contain the fully-grown alien creatures and to control their seasonal migration within the zone. In the midst of the chaos caused by the creatures€™ unusually early migration is photojournalist Andrew Kaulder (McNairy), who is hoping to get at least one €˜money shot€™ of them in action. But when his publisher boss€™ vacationing daughter Sam (Able) is found to be stranded in the area, Kaulder is charged with guaranteeing her secure passage through Mexico to the safety of the US border. To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do to win is fill out the form below and the winners will be notified in two weeks time! (Please state if you are entering for the Blu-ray or DVD prize)...
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