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To celebrate the release of Mr Holmes, available on Blu-ray and DVD from 26th October 2015, we are giving away 3 bundles which includes Mr Holmes on Blu-ray. In 1947, the world famous sleuth has retired to a remote Sussex farmhouse, living in relative anonymity with only his housekeeper Mrs Munro and her young son Roger for company. Cantankerous, demanding and frustrated with the mis-representation of him in Watson€™s best-selling novels, he diverts his attention to an unsolved case. As the mystery deepens, Sherlock tries desperately to recall the events of 30 years ago that ultimately led to his retirement. Starring Academy Award nominee Laura Linney(The Savages) as housekeeper Mrs Munro, Frances de la Tour(Harry Potter) and newcomer Milo Parker, MR HOLMES is directed by Academy Award winning filmmaker Bill Condon(Gods and Monsters).
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