Win: Nintendo 3DS And Putty Squad

An eye-catching offer to celebrate the release of the retro classic...

Putty Squad To celebrate the release of much-loved retro classic Putty Squad on PS4, PS Vita, PS3, 3DS, and Xbox 360, we're teaming up with System3 for a brilliant give-away. We're giving one lucky WhatCulture reader the opportunity to win a copy of the relaunched game, as well as a Nintendo 3DS to play it on. The stretchy blue blob, who is one of retro gaming's legitimate icons, has landed in the digital world in high resolution by way of the critically acclaimed Putty Squad videogame. It's delightfully old-school, fiendishly addictive, and thankfully reunites gamers with one of the formerly lost legends of gaming in a good old fahsioned platform-adventuring quest to save his kidnapped friends. The good news for our winner is that the 3DS version also allows gamers access to a whole host of secret levels, which have previously been unavailable, as they are rewarded for their 3DS support with nearly double the amount of levels. Much more Putty for your bucks. Putty Squad is available to buy now. Additionally, I don't suppose you have any copies of Lego Movie The Game available for XBox 360 for review? Cheers
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