Win: Time Bandits On Blu-Ray

Time BanditsThanks to Arrow Video, we are giving three lucky readers the opportunity to win a blu-ray copy of Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits. Packed with brand new extras, including a host of new interviews and featurettes with the team behind the film and featuring a fully restored version of the classic comedy, this is the definitive version of the film. Time Bandits is the project that established Terry Gilliam as more than just Monty Python€™s resident animator: it is a delightfully inventive children€™s fantasy is about young Kevin (Craig Warnock) who finds himself travelling through holes in the space-time continuum in the company of half a dozen fractious dwarfs. Along the way, he encounters Agamemnon (Sean Connery), Napoleon (Ian Holm) and winds up as a passenger on the Titanic, although not necessarily in that order. But is this just random entertainment laid on for history fan Kevin€™s benefit, or part of a wider struggle between the forces of good (Ralph Richardson) and evil (David Warner)? At the time, this was a rare example of a small-budget British film successfully taking on American blockbusters. Now, it's a much-loved fantasy classic bursting with inspired images and ideas: Gilliam and co-writer Michael Palin (who also appears) are clearly enjoying themselves as much as their audience. To be in with a chance of winning simply watch this clip, and answer the question following it in the form below... Question: Which former Python plays Robin Hood in Time Bandits? Time Bandits is released on blu-ray on the 26th of August.
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