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Coen Brothers remake of True Grit? Can it even be put into words? Those brothers genius created an old-fashioned, straight-laced Western that sadly filmmakers long ago stopped having the opportunity to make. Their True Grit was a loving tribute to the Golden age of the genre and along with an astonishing cast (Jeff Bridges made John Wayne look amateurish), the lush cinematography of Roger Deakins and a fully realised story told majestically... the film was easily one of my favourite films of 2010. Now thanks to Paramount Home Entertainment you have the opportunity to re-live the film via one of the 5 DVDs we have to give away, can spend countless hours listening to Cartwell Burwell's tremendous score via the 5 soundtracks we are giving away, read Charles Portis' inspiring source material via the 5 novels we have AND win one of 3 promotional leather wallets. All are up for grabs as individual prizes. True Grit is released on DVD June 13th and for a chance to win any of the terrific prizes above, all you have to do is correctly answer the following question: Jeff Bridges won an Oscar nomination for playing which character John Wayne had previously won an Oscar portraying some decades earlier?

A) Rooster Cogburn B) Jesse James C) Billy the Kid
Winners will be notified at the end of June. © Paramount Home Entertainment.

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