WIN – TRUE GRIT on Blu-ray, 5 Copies To Give Away!

It's officially True Grit week here at Obsessed With Film as we have a couple of cool articles planned to celebrate not only the Coen Brothers' stunning remake that finally opens in the U.K. this Friday but also the classic Henry Hathaway directed 1969 original, one of the finest films the genre has ever produced. I've been anticipating this Blu-ray upgrade for a while and I've heard Lucien Ballard's wide open expansive landscape shots & cinematography is agreeably lush in 1080p. The original True Grit is now available on Blu-ray and Simon will be reviewing the John Wayne classic soon which I know for a fact is one of his favourite films of all time but before then, why not enter our Blu-ray competition to try and grab yourself a copy of the film? All you need to do is fill out the form below and the winners will be notified in two weeks time!
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