10 Disney Movies You Didn’t Know Were Shameless Rip-Offs

9. Bambi


The child-scarring events of the fifth Disney film (Key words: Meadow, Mother and €˜BANG!€™) are easily explained when you know that the film was based on a fairly grim adult novel by the name of €˜Bambi, A Life in the Woods€™ written by Felix Salten. On the other hand we should probably be grateful that Disney€™s adaptation missed out the bit where Bambi€™s friends also find themselves at the wrong end of that pesky man€™s rifle as well as the bit where Bambi is forced to walk round in wide circles, bleeding all the way in order to mislead his hunter-pursuers. The film went through some trouble in its years of pre-production. Originally the rights to €˜Bambi, A Life in the Woods€™ were purchased by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer who made plans to film a live-action version of the book but after much experimentation it was decided that the rights would be relinquished to Walt Disney who intended it to become the second animated classic. The film€™s release was postponed due to the combination of the Second World War and the difficulties of animating the titular deer but three films and many years later Disney released the iconic classic we all know.
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