10 Glorious Deaths In Forgettable Films

X-Men: The Last Stand at least had one stand-out moment...

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Film puts a mirror up to the world that we occupy. The joys of the spark of life, the inevitable rollercoaster of ups and downs that furnish a person's journey, until we eventually reach the end.

It's not all doom and gloom and, within the vast landscape of cinema, we've been spoilt by a variety of memorable murders, life-ending laughs and finely tuned fatalities.

Death takes many shapes. It can be the pay-off for years of investment in a character's arc (Tony Stark in Endgame) or it can be used to comedic effect (Derek's roommates in Zoolander).

These deaths solidify a movie's status in the average fans memory, but what about those incredible deaths that are lost within mediocrity? Did these poor characters lose their lives, in such innovative and outrageous manners, in vain?

Even if a film doesn't set the world on fire at the box office or even earns the esteemed honour of being flicked on when there's nothing else good on TV to indulge in, some of the deaths that can be found within the indifference deserve your attention.

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