10 Great Movies We'll Never See

Cracked have run a list of of their top ten films that likely will never see the light of day. For those of you too lazy to hop on over to the site here's a quick rundown from 10 to 1:- 10. Halo - A Peter Jackson produced videogame adaptation. Will probably stay unmade until Jackson decides to hire a director with more experience than currently attached helmer Neill Blomkamp. 9. Unbreakable 2 - A potential follow-up to M. Night Shyamalan's low-key superhero story. Perhaps his best film, also good to realise Shyamalan had the foresight to make it prior to the recent superhero cinema explosion. 8. Ghostbusters 3 - New York City and Hell collide and it's up to the Ghostbusters and some new recruits (including Ben Stiller) to save the day. Bill Murray's lack of enthusiasm means this will never get off the ground. 7. Fletch Won - Kevin Smith's remake of the Chevy Chase detective comedy. Smith favoured Jason Lee for the part but studio bosses wanted someone more A-list. Smith jettisoned the movie and went back to the View Askewverse. 6. Rendezvous With Rama - A film with exceptional pedigree. David Fincher directs Morgan Freeman based on an Arthur C. Clarke novel. Too expensive and too esoteric to be profitable, therefore studio execs won't risk their necks for it. 5. Dumb & Dumber 2 - Not the lame prequel from a few years back, this version had South Park geniuses Matt Stone and Trey Parker behind it. The duo were hired to pen a script but they viewed it as no more than an assignment gig. 4. Megalopolis - Probably THE most famous unproduced movie. Francis Ford Coppola had been trying to make this ambitious sci-fier for decades. A movie this big is for a younger director, Coppola has finally let it go. 3. Fartman - Howard Stern's passion project. The passion in question is a superhero who propels himself through the air using his own gas. I'm sure this would have been a work of pure genius or one of the worst films ever made. 2. Crusade - Verhoeven. Arnold. Epic battles in the Holy Land. Sold! Sadly Crusade was a victim of bad timing. Back in 1995 Gladiator hadn't arrived yet so the sword and sandals film had no cred. The studio made Cutthroat Island instead... Ouch! 1. A Confederacy of Dunces - A hilarious, unfilmable Pulitzer prize winning novel that has attracted the likes of John Belushi, Chris Farley and Will Ferrell. The book is so good that any film version is destined to turn out drastically inferior. source - cracked, joblo

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