10 Most Insanely Perfectionist Film Directors

7. Stanley Kubrick Kept Insanely Detailed Notes


Stanley Kubrick is easily among the most renowned of directions of all time and he has left a definite imprint on the modern cinematic landscape with classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Shining and Full Metal Jacket. 

Kubrick accomplished these masterpieces through a single minded and devoted obsession to each cinematic project. One of the most fascinating illustrations of Kubrick’s cinematic micro-management came in the form of the 2008 documentary “Kubrick’s Boxes”. 

Presented by British documentarian Jon Ronson the film explores the warehouse worth of boxes containing film notes left by Stanley Kubrick in his home following his death in 1999. The boxes contained enormous amounts of notes and research for Kubrick’s film, from over 30,000 photos of the back alleys and lush apartments of London for Eyes Wide Shut to detailed notes on individual costumes in Full Metal Jacket. Kubrick was the very embodiment of auteur theory, somebody who carefully designed every single minuscule portion of his cinematic vision and luckily for us Kubrick’s obsessiveness resulted in celluloid genius.

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