10 Movie Sequels That Pointlessly Took Away Things Fans Loved

Did Rambo just forget about his PTSD...

Rambo II
Orion Pictures

As obvious and inevitable as sequels are in Hollywood, they're also incredibly difficult to get right: just do the same thing again and people will call you lazy, but try something radical and you risk alienating the core fanbase.

Though there are countless examples of sequels benefiting from terrific new cast members or bold changes in direction, as well as filmmakers ditching elements that people actually hated, there are also many movies which, for reasons either baffling or idiotic, removed one of the things audiences cherished the most.

These 10 films all stripped away or severely altered a key element of the prior movie's success, be it killing off an actor or two (or even worse, recasting them), misguidedly switching up the established tone, shedding the permissive R rating, or just simply explaining far more to viewers than they ever needed to know.

Though not all of these films are terrible or even bad - though some of them certainly are - each undoubtedly suffered by deleting that which fans truly loved about their predecessor. For shame...


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