10 Movie Theme Parks We Totally Want To Visit

They put regular theme parks to shame.

jurassic world

Movies and theme parks go together like candy and floss. Spectacular rides, colourful games and quirky characters, mean theme parks provide a rich movie setting, and can be used to create stunning visual shots no matter what the genre.

The most thrilling cinematic results have come with filmmakers incorporating elements of science fiction or fantasy into their attractions. But even a comparatively mundane park is still wildly captivating when home to an interesting story. In both instances, the movie theme park becomes a special place for audiences to escape to.

Sometimes escapism just isn't enough though, and we want to visit these fictional spots for real. Here are 10 examples of movie theme parks so wonderful that we would give anything to be let inside.

A few of the entrants on this list do exist in some form or another, but not like in the movies.


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