10 Most Painful Wounds Regularly Inflicted In Horror Movies

1. Achilles Slash

Achilles HostelExamples: Hostel, House of Wax, Pet Sematary, Mother of Tears. It might just be me (because this injury is obviously comparatively minor when you think about some of the others in this list), but I can't think of a pain that would be worse than having the very tough Achilles tendon slashed. It would be like a paper cut times a million (and we all know how painful paper cuts can be!) and would render any victim unable to walk - which is a very scary prospect when there's a horror killer after you. Prime examples of this injury come from relatively recent flicks like House of Wax and Hostel, as well as classics like Pet Sematary. The most excruciating example to watch, for me, certainly comes in Hostel when Josh is being tortured by an Elite Hunting client. The client says he will let Josh escape, then slices his Achilles tendons. We then see Josh attempt to walk and the wound opens in a close-up shot and he collapses to the floor before being killed. So there we have it; The ten most painful wounds that are regularly inflicted in horror movies. Do you agree? Which other injuries are regularly inflicted in horror movies? Let us know in the comments box below. And please feel free to follow me on Twitter!

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