10 Perfectly Creepy Movie Posters You Need To See

This lot will send shivers up your spine...

The New Mutants

A good movie poster is hard to find these days, with most going for simply splattering all of the stars on there and hoping for the best.

Posters have gone through a few trends in their time, whether it’s the lone hero’s silhouette, the two leads standing back to back, frames by two long legs or even that weird trend of putting a single eye on the poster. Horror movies usually offer the most interesting ones though, at least when done right, as this lot can attest to.

Often though, most posters end up a pretty bland image of the stars, relying on the actors to sell the movie.

Occasionally though, we still get some great ones. The New Mutants’ latest poster has some seriously creepy vibes, and if that’s got you in the mood to revisit some of the creepiest promos ever, look no further...


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