10 Robots That Didn’t Get The Credit They Deserved

url-13 Fictional robots. They've captured our hearts (Wall-E... sniff sniff), got on our nerves (yes, I€™m talking to you, C-3PO), and scared the crap out of us ("I€™ll be back!"). But there were some robots that never quite managed to get the attention they deserved. They acted their shinny butts off, but still never had a kid dress up like them on Halloween. Here are some of those lesser know TV and movie robots that deserve a shout out and some extra credit for their efforts...

10. Andrew (The Bicentennial Man)

url-5 Okay, Andrew in his robot body was just silly looking. And when he got skin and looked like Robin Williams, well, it wasn€™t that much of an improvement. But you have to give Andrew his props. This robot was a favorite with the ladies. Little Miss wanted him, Galatea would€™ve done him, and Portia got him. I guess the ladies in that future weren€™t that picky, but still, Andrew got some action even as a robot.

9. Rosie (The Jetsons)

url-6 This sassy robot was the maid to those lovable Jetsons. Rosie was a big girl with attitude. Her wise cracks to Mr. Jetson made us love her for sticking it to the man.

8. Fire Extinguisher Robot (Iron Man)

url-7 This skinny thing was only in Iron Man for a few scenes, but it still makes me laugh every time I see them. It doesn€™t have a name in the movie, but it€™s so funny it doesn€™t need one. Maybe when it gets its€™ own spin off movie they will finally give it a name. €œSquirty€ sounds funny. The love scenes will be epic.

7. Cylon Centurions (Battlestar Galactica)

url-8 Sure, the new series skin-jobs were sexy, but let€™s not forget the originals. There were lots of them. And they didn€™t say really say much other than €œBy your command." But they could fly ships, shoot guns, and followed orders well. Plus the Gold ones looked cool.

6. Johnny 5 (Short Circuit)

url-9 Even though this movie had Steve Guttenberg in it, it€™s still a fun movie to watch. Johnny 5 is a lovable robot who just can€™t get enough input (hey, who doesn€™t). He loves to dance, play with butterflies, and... Okay, maybe Johnny 5 could have inputted a little more Dirty Harry programming, but he did get a little on the sensors, so he wasn€™t completely fluffy. And he did have a laser. Lasers are great.
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