10 Ways Spider-Man Leaving The MCU Is Secretly Great

Can we maybe have a Spidey film that ISN'T about Iron Man now?

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That's that. After five appearances across three ensembles movies and two solo features, Spider-Man has left the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It was a fun ride, but while Marvel fans protest and start leaving their own memorials as Spider-Man's tenure comes to a close (RIP), would it really be all that controversial to say that maybe - just maybe - this... might... actually kind of be a good thing?

Look, no one needs reminding of the state of Spider-Man's movies just before he was absorbed into the MCU. Marc Webb's Amazing Spidey films were a sad attempt at mounting a challenge to the MCU with a needlessly interconnected cinematic universe, and while they had their positives - Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone's chemistry for one - they failed to live up to the quality of the character's earlier silver screen adventures, brought to life by Sam Raimi between 2002 and 2007.

Irrespective of Sony's inability to get Spidey right on the second go however, now should be a time to take stock of where the character is at currently, and what exactly the studio's divorce with Marvel means for the property going forward. That means considering both the positives and the negatives, and in the week since the news first broke that Sony would continue the series without Disney's influence, there may actually be more good than bad...

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