13 Things In The MCU That Make No Sense

The God of Thunder's weakness is... electricity?!

When something unrealistic happens in a movie, the viewer tends to just go along with it. When the audience sacrifices realism and logic in a story for the sake of enjoyment, it is called The Suspension of Disbelief and it's basically what the entire industry has been built on for year.

Although plotholes are annoying, sometimes they are necessary. The best example of this is when John Wayne was promoting his film, Stagecoach, and a critic asked, “Why didn’t the Indians just shoot the horses? John Wayne answered with, “If the Indians had done that, they would have stopped the picture.” That’s understandable. It’s important for a film to be entertaining rather than realistic.

Nevertheless, it’s human nature for little inconsistencies in movies to irk us. There’s a part of you that can dismiss inconsistencies like this by saying, “It’s only a movie!” And that’s true, but still, it’s really annoying when a plothole is so easy to avoid, you can’t believe the scriptwriter, director, producer, or actors didn’t notice.

Even though the Marvel Cinematic Universe turned out better than even the biggest die-hard fans could have imagined, there are a few bits here and there that don't make sense. And some of these plotholes could be resolved with a single line of dialogue or contradict massive parts of the story. For example...

13. Thor's Weakness Is... Electricity?

Marvel Studios

Thor is the God of Thunder, allowing him to control and shoot lightning. Throughout Thor: Ragnarok, The Grand Master and Valkyrie regularly knock Thor out… with electricity. Of everything they could have used to subdue him, they chose the one thing he can control.

That’s like defeating the god of the sea, Poseidon with water.

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