20 Worst Movies EVER (According To IMDB)

Guess how many times Paris Hilton appears on this...

House Of The Dead
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Some film fans out there will tell you until they're blue in the fact that they like bad movies. They'll get all evangelical about "cult gems" and movies that are "so bad they're good" while celebrating the craft it requires to make something both terrible and entertaining. There is some truth to that matter, but there's also no escaping the fact that some films exist on an entirely different plane of awfulness.

While you might take pleasure in watching the latest Nic Cage dud or flock to the cinema to see why something expensively made by people who should know better is being rated Rotten, that special band will punish anyone who dares watch.

But in the interest of staking a challenge and because IMDB handily have an audience rating system (out of 10) that they actually check for fake abuses, there does exist a special Black List of the very lowest, legitimately voted movies of all time. (Some of the lowest on the site have been naughtily manipulated to get there, but IMDB tracks that behaviour).

So, if you're really dead set on ticking off the absolute dregs of the movie world for your manky Bucket List, these are the titles you really need to catch.


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