25 Best Movies Of The Decade (According To IMDB)

The films you NEED to watch (according to you)

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While the recent backlash against Rotten Tomatoes and critical consensus sites has drawn strange battle-lines between film writers and fans and put into question the sanctity of the unified score, IMDB's User Rating remains a real mark of quality.

The Top 250 is still the big list you turn to, because its metrics favour informed fans who've actually watched (rather than hype-inflaters) and with the decade pootling to its end, now's a great time to look back on the films that have pulled in the highest ratings. After all, that should offer a useful, fairly dependable list of what we ought to consider the very best, shouldn't it?

As a slight qualifier - the ranking is judged mostly by the same criteria that the Top 250 is (because, unfortunately, there's a big problem with ratings farms inflating ratings on films from certain countries in particular).

So, which are IMDB's best films of the decade...?

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