25 Worst Movies Of The Decade (According To IMDB)

Porn spoofs, horrific horrors and Adam Sandler, obviously...

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Audience ratings might be pretty easy to manipulate, but they do have their value. They're more tied to the experience of the film rather than things like technical prowess or artistic merit and when the majority of audience members choose what to watch, it's how a film makes you feel fundamentally that drives the decision.

In that respect, IMDB's rating metric is probably the most valuable for picking what you might want to watch. It's removed from the critical sphere (unlike RottenTomatoes and Meta-Critic) and while it's nice to know what people who see films for a living think, you can't beat an endorsement from someone who actually WANTED to go and see it in the first place.

Crucially, their scores can also be used to actively avoid movies. If you know something is below a 5, for instance, you're hardly going to run out to see it. And if you're a glutton for punishment, you can also find out the very worst and embark on a hellish trip through the absolute worst movies of the decade. What with it coming to an end and all. In case you want to add some regrets to your pile.

There has, evidently, been a lot of trash released since 2010...

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