6 Movies You Won’t Believe Are 30 Years Old In July

They were all released in July 1989. How old do you feel?

Lethal Weapon 2 Happy Birthday
Warner Bros.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Stuber and a live-action Lion King are all hitting the movie theatres in July 2019, but what was coming out during this same month 30 years ago?

1989 produced a stellar summer of cinema with many of the hits still fondly remembered to this day. So fondly in fact, that you might not believe they are now three decades old.

Here are 6 movies from a month that saw Boris Becker win Wimbledon, Seinfeld debut on television, Mike Tyson knock out Carl Williams in 93 seconds and the birth of one Daniel Radcliffe. That's right, the little spectacled wizard is turning 30. Happy Birthday you magical man.


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