8 Surprising Movie Villain Turns You Never Saw Coming

8. Hans - Frozen

Frozen Prince Hans

When it comes to the biggest villain twists in movies, a good chunk of them actually take place in animated releases. Whether it's Stinky Pete in Toy Story 2 or Bellwether in Zootopia, there are no shortage of kids movies that are seemingly priming their viewers to not trust anyone in later life. However, none quite felt like as big of a betrayal as Prince Hans in Frozen.

The dashing Prince charmed everyone watching the Disney movie back in 2013, with his pursuit of Anna seemingly being written in the stars as a match made in heaven. That was, however, until it's revealed partway through that he's actually the worst S.O.B to ever appear in one of these movies, not interested in love or romance but actually trying to weasel his way into Anna's family so he can usurp the throne of Arendelle for himself.

Writers have seemingly been trying to reinvent Disney's Princes over the past few animated movies, but even knowing that didn't soften the blow when Hans' true intentions were revealed.

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