Batman: Every Single Actor Who's Played The Joker

Will it be 33rd time the charm for Joaquin Phoenix?

Jokers Ensemble

When Joaquin Phoenix lands in cinemas as Joker for Todd Phillips' strange but immediately wonderful-looking origin story for Batman's most famous adversary, he will be the 28th actor to have played the character, all-told, since his multimedia debut back in the 1960s.

Since then, the Clown Prince Of Crime has been a veritable force of nature, appearing in animations, movies, video games and TV shows and with a whole new Batman movie series coming soon, it's unlikely Joker will be the last time we see the titular villain. Given the fact that

Honourable mention has to also go to Bruce Timms, who played J-Man, the leader of the Jokerz in Batman Beyond. He's not QUITE a real Joker, but he's definitely inspired by him. We're also leaving out foreign language Jokers like Pierre Hatet and Takeshi Aono.


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