Batman V Superman: 12 Early Reactions You Need To Know

Critics chime in on 2016's most controversial blockbuster...

As Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gears up to hit cinemas worldwide, the review embargo has broken and critics are feverishly unleashing their verdicts on the world. Early screening reports and the tidal wave of hype left many fans optimistic that the film would be an improvement over Man of Steel's 56% and 6.2/10 average score on Rotten Tomatoes, but now that a sizable portion of reviews have come in for BvS, it seems like it's going to settle at around 40% with a 5.5/10 average. It's unfortunate news for anyone banking on the movie being a towering achievement for superhero cinema, though it's fair to say that this score is neither an abject disaster nor indicative of how the film will fare at the box office. Man of Steel was divisively received (albeit less so) but still has its passionate cheerleaders and did just fine at the box office, and it seems likely that BvS will follow a similar tenor. These divided critical impressions surely won't stop the Justice League train from pulling into the station, though they may cause Warner Bros. to rethink their strategy a little. Here are 12 early critical reactions to Batman v Superman you need to know...
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