Bradley Cooper 'Reluctant' To Be THE FLASH

A couple of years ago when Bradly Cooper and Ryan Reynolds were both fighting each other to play WB's Green Lantern, I wrote an article professing that Cooper was my first choice to play Hal Jordan and that Reynolds should be The Flash, another DC hero the latter had been longed linked too. In the end, as we all know, Reynolds leads this summer's Green Lantern and recently Cooper was rumoured to be leading the race to play The Flash, a reversal of my fantasy picks. However those hoping The A-Team and The Hangover actor could be the new Barry Allen, well we have some bad news. OWF's Edward Whitfield just spoke to Bradley Cooper this afternoon in an interview promoting his new movie Limitless where we asked him about The Flash and if he would be interested in a superhero role and he responded;
"Well I auditioned for the The Green Lantern and didn't get it so I'm reluctant to put on the cape again."
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