Disney Pixar Quiz: Bet You Can't Name All These Characters

Prove you're "Incredible" and know the movies "Inside Out" in this ultimate Pixar quiz.


Disney Pixar have only released 21 films yet are one of the biggest names in animation today. Annually Disney's Pixar are almost guaranteed a nomination at the Academy Awards and this year was Toy Story 4's year to lift that coveted prize.

Everyone has a different Pixar film that they love and these films are rarely just for children. Toy Story is a childhood favourite for many, it's hard to not shed a tear at Inside Out or laughed at Mike Wazowski's stand up. Pixar has created movies that bring generations together, there's a one for every member of the family.

Almost everyone has fallen in love with a different Pixar character; be it the Hello Dolly loving robot Wall-E or the imaginary hero Bing Bong. Pixar has created so many iconic characters, but do you know them all? Can you name characters that even some of the creators might struggle with?

We've searched the depths of Pixar to come up with the ultimate quiz to see just how much you know about the different personas that you can find. So how well do you know your toys? Can you tell which Monster's University student is which? Do you know the different Cars? Take this quiz and find out!

Answers are at the end.

1. Name This Pixar Character

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