Every Marvel Movie Missing From Disney Plus At Launch

You're going to have to wait for your favourite MCU movies...

Marvel Studios

When it was announced that Disney would be taking all of their content back into their dreaded Vault temporarily with Disney+ set to debut on November 12th, you could have been forgiven for believing that we'd be getting all of their major brands as part of the launch.

After all, their subscription drive would surely be boosted massively by having the entire MCU and every Star Wars movie alongside the Animated Classics and Pixar's catalogue? While hundreds of movies were announced as part of the launch package, though, Disney have left out some pretty big names. Namely: a huge portion of the MCU.

At least one more will land in December, followed by another raft of titles in 2020, but right now, there's not even a date for some of the MCU to hit the streaming platform. It'll all be there eventually (though you have to wonder whether The Incredible Hulk's distribution deal might make things slightly more difficult), but for now, it's a waiting game.

So what are we missing out on at launch in November?

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