Harry Potter Quiz: Deleted Scene Or Never Filmed?

7 books. 8 films. Which scenes nearly made it and which never even came close?

Warner Bros.

Considering the length of each Harry Potter film, it's amazing that there was even more footage available that wasn't left in the final product. Chamber of Secrets is almost 3 hours long based on one of the shortest novels in the series and yet has more deleted footage than Half Blood Prince - a book double its size.

Many of these deleted scenes ended up being beloved scenes from the novels that either disrupted the flow of the scenes or simply over-bloated the already very lengthy films.

It's impossible to know just how many scenes were scrapped due to not all of them being released to the public, but around fifty minutes of deleted footage is available across the bonus features section of each Potter DVD release.

With thousands of pages of material to potentially adapt, it can be difficult to remember which scenes almost made the final cut regardless of how many times you've watched those bonus features.

Answers at the end!

1. In Chamber Of Secrets, Harry Finds A "Kwikspell" Letter On Filch's Desk


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