Marvel: Every MCU Phase 4 Release CONFIRMED

It's going to be a VERY exciting couple of years...

Marvel Studios

After a packed out Comic Con found out about stage one of Marvel's upcoming fourth phase of the MCU, Disney added more details and - somewhat surprisingly - entirely new releases - to the slate, expanding it to 14 releases (or 13 and an extra one with a slightly less clear status).

There's still no sign of release dates for Blade, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3, Captain Marvel 2, The X-Men or The Fantastic Four, but Phase 4 looks even more like a transformative stage for Marvel and it couldn't be much more exciting. Sure, it's missing an Avengers project, but if everything here is a success, Marvel will have seeded an even more diverse, even more interesting future.

We already knew this was the biggest franchise ever, but now there's even more reason to pick up Disney+ and make sure you're in cinemas for all of Marvel's upcoming releases. Here's all of the movie and Disney+ Phase 4 releases we know are coming...

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