Marvel Has No MCU Plans For The Fantastic Four

Bad news, Fantastic fans.

Fantastic Four
Marvel Comics

Don't hold your breath to see a Fantastic Four movie made by Marvel Studios.

Despite persistent rumours that Kevin Feige was secretly working to bring the original super-team to the MCU after Fox messed up two chances to make a franchise out of it, there's increasingly little chance it's going to happen imminently.

Feige has once again reiterated that Marvel are in fact NOT working on a deal with Fox, even if he wants all of the rights back at some point.

The Marvel supremo was talking to AlloCiné on Facebook about the MCU and once more shot down the suggestion that something is happening...

“[We have] no plans with the Fantastic Four right now. No discussions about it.”

If you're a fan of Fantastic Four, this is not good news, because along with Fox's apparent uncertainty over the future of the property, it doesn't sound like we will get to see a new film any time soon. It will have to happen at some point, given the rules governing rights-holding, as Fox will be compelled to make something in fear of the rights reverting back to Marvel, but it doesn't sound very positive.

It's a shame that Kevin Feige isn't in conversation with Fox yet, as there's something about the MCU's spirit and tone that would absolutely suit the Fantastic Four. But then, Marvel have consciously iced the property on the comics side, and it's not like it has anything like the same box office drawing power as Spider-Man, so a deal copying Marvel's with Sony wouldn't even be appropriate.

That doesn't mean it shouldn't happen eventually.

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