MCU: How Well Do You REALLY Know Thor Odinson?

Are you worthy to take this Thor quiz?

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One of the MCU's most popular and powerful heroes, Thor Odinson has been a major player in the first decade of Marvel's sprawling superhero movie franchise. In that time he's survived the treachery of his trickster brother (may he rest in peace), the return of his megalomaniac, murderous sister, the fall of his kingdom and Thanos' decimation.

He's lost his hair, his home, an eye, a girlfriend and all of his family and he continues to fight for the good of the universe. And all of this despite the fact that his first sequel is almost universally heralded as the worst MCU movie of all.

His future, for now, is uncertain, though there are whispers of a fourth Thor movie after Endgame - but that all depends on him surviving the Infinity War sequel and Chris Hemsworth signing a new contract. With most of the original Avengers expected to retire, that might come as a surprise, but he's definitely got more stories to tell.

What do you remember of those he's already told, though?

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Thor The God Of?

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