Spider-Man: Far From Home - 14 Stunning Shots From The Epic Mysterio Sequence

SPOILERS - Is this Marvel's best ever MCU sequence?

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After the curtain fell on Spider-Man: Far From Home, you probably remembered two scenes more than any, simply because of their proximity to the ending and how big their impact will be for the future. Somewhat inevitably, the post-credits scenes took precedence in all of the immediate conversations around Jon Watts' sequel, but it's important to remember that it also included the best MCU sequence of all time.

When Mysterio reveals his truth and torments Peter Parker using his illusions, we get a mind-bending, head-f*cking sequence of imaginative beauty that surpasses even Doctor Strange for weirdness and sublime effects. It is honestly breath-taking, drawing in supernatural elements and great action and leaving such a mark that it's a real shame that Mysterio won't be back to do it all over again.

And now, thanks to Befores & Afters and effects team Framestore, we can have a closer look at some of the best parts of the sequence, including some pre-effects builds of the shots in the following gallery.

Behold, the most incredible MCU sequence so far...

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