Star Wars: 10 Secrets Behind X-Wings You Need To Know

9. It's The Perfect Spaceship

Star Wars XWing

Even though the X-Wing looks like a pretty standard vessel in the Star Wars universe, it cannot be emphasised enough how effective this starfighter is. After all, it only took 30 ships (22 of which were X-Wings) to take down the Death Star, despite the fact it was the size of a small moon.

Although the X-Wing has no specific factor that makes it stand out, it's balanced in every way, making it the perfect fighter jet. Unlike TIE fighters, it has highly advanced shielding. (Also, the fact that TIE fighters' enormous wings make it impossible for the pilot to see to his left or right is a massive design flaw.) Even if the X-Wing is damaged, each automobile is supplied with an R2 unit that can manage repairs. On top of that, each ship is capable of hyperspace travel, which the TIE fighters lack.

X-Wings also have long range sensors, allowing them to detect targets from a vast distance. However, the average X-Wing is so small, the Empire have difficulty detecting them unless they're very close.

When you see all the advantages the X-Wing has, it's baffling why The Empire discarded them for the inferior TIE fighters.

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