20 Best Looking Video Games Of The Generation?

Which titles are a feast for the eyes?

Just Cause 4

As we reach the end of another decade, gaming has continued to leap forward with advancements in development and graphical design. Along with a compelling storyline, fluent and enjoyable gameplay, strong character design and a multiplayer mode fit for our party (we don't ask for much do we...?), the look of locations and detail in new releases has become vital in purchasing new titles, as each new instalment to our gaming library raises the bar on stunning visuals.

It's interesting to look back at the games considered to be ground breaking at the time compared to the new expectations of players today. Whether the improved facial details of L.A Noire or the tropical Far Cry 3 open-world experience, revisiting the graphics that once upon a time had us go wild, compared to the likes of The Last of Us Part 2 this year, truly show how far video game visuals have come.

Taking in recent releases and the classic immersive games of the last decade, which 20 make the cut as the elite gaming environments? With that question in mind, in this gallery, feast your eyes on these 20 gorgeous games and spectacular sceneries.


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