Every Upcoming Video Game To TV Adaptations Ranked By Anticipation

Netflix is bringing Splinter Cell to TV... but what else do they have up their sleeves?


The film industry has been trying to crack the video game adaptation nutshell for three decades... without much success.

Sure, we've earned some guilty pleasures in the past (Mortal Kombat, Silent Hill), and are having a decent upswing in watchable quality (Detective Pikachu, Sonic Hedgehog), but the industry still hasn't landed that Iron Man-sized hit to bring the medium into the mainstream for general viewers.

On the small screen, however, that changed in a major way in 2017, when producer Adi Shankar and writer Grant Morrison adapted Castlevania into a sprawling R-rated anime epic, resulting in the best-game-to-screen transition yet.

Since then, Netflix has followed up with a live-action version of The Witcher to much success, and it seems like all game companies are suddenly falling over each other to throw their IPs into the mix, for either live-action or animated shows.

With all the announcements coming so relentlessly, it's a good time to catch our breath and sort through the stack, and decide how excited we should be about each of them.


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