Madden 20: All 32 Team Ratings

Who do you pick if you want to win?

EA Sports

Madden 20 is almost upon us, giving fans everywhere the chance to take a team to the Super Bowl in Franchise mode, build their own fantasy side in Ultimate Team mode, or create and play with their own quarterback in Face of the Franchise mode.

While these are the main gameplay options, there is always Play Now, just to either practice with no consequences or take to the field against friends. No matter what mode you play, there are 32 teams to choose from, so why limit yourself to just your favourite?

It's always fun to experiment with different teams, though with so much going on in the off-season, and every team changing - sometimes drastically - it can be hard to judge which teams are better than others. This is where the good people at EA help, giving each team a rating as they do with every player. If you want to win, pay close attention to this list.

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