NBA 2k20 - Every Team Ranked Worst To Best

Who comes out on top following a chaotic NBA summer?


NBA2k20 landed on Friday, giving basketball fans the chance to get their hands on the latest instalment from 2K's ever-popular franchise.

A summer of huge trades and key decisions from some of the game's biggest players has given the NBA a completely new dynamic and look, as the likes of Kevin Durant, Paul George, and Kyrie Irving all made what could be career defining moves.

Gone now is the expected dominance of the Golden State Warriors, while last season's champions the Toronto Raptors will probably struggle to replicate last year's achievements given the loss of Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard.

2K20 has brought with it a host of new features to some of its most popular game modes, such as MyTeam and MyCareer, although given some of the online feedback the game has had so far from the 2K community, it's safe to assume a few updates might well be forthcoming.

Play now is the game mode which allows you to simply play as a current NBA team, and while it's not the most popular mode within the game, it still has an ardent following of regular players. But in a year of so much change, who do the 2K developers rank as top of the pile this time around?


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