NBA 2K21: 20 Highest Rated Players On The Game

Who takes the crown going into next season?


It may be unorthodox and unheard of, but having NBA 2K21 release just as the Playoffs are starting to get juicy might be a blessing in disguise. Is there ever a time of higher excitement for basketball than the second round of the Playoffs? The eight seeds are cast out, and the truly excellent series are starting to take shape.

This is sure to inspire the masses to take to their own personal NBA seasons, and aim to win it all. The game, as is true in real life, is a players' league, and without at least a star or two, you've got no chance of ultimately lifting the Larry O'Brien trophy.

But who are the players that are going to help you on your way to victory in the Finals? With the active players list well into the hundreds, it can be hard to choose who to build your team around, and which players are worth the hit your salary cap will take.

These are the decisions title winning players have to make, and this list is here to help. Who is the top dog in the league this year? Who is better than you would have thought? These are the stars that will make any team better.

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