Overwatch 2: 13 Things We Learned From Blizzconline

One of Blizzard's most highly anticipated sequels is in full swing behind the scenes.

overwatch 2 sojourn

Presented as one of the biggest events in Blizzard's 30th Anniversary online convention, Overwatch 2 and its behind-the-scenes presentation shows just how hard the team has been working, even with the unavoidable difficulty of game development during 2020.

Alongside a wonderful feature with the voice actors and a more expanded feature about Overwatch's cinematic music, the development team revealed, in an endearing and familiar Zoom meeting setup, all the different elements of the upcoming sequel they've been able to work on so far.

From character design to new gameplay to story and animation, with everything from game testing to storyboards and pre-visualisation, there's already so much content that it seems impossible to imagine more.

But with the team dedicated to making Overwatch 2 a proper sequel instead of just an add-on to the original, describing it as a "globe-trotting adventure" where they present different parts of the world and how they would look like in Overwatch's universe, there will definitely be more than what we saw during Blizzconline.

Still, there's a lot to talk about. Here's hoping the devs will take enough time to get as close as possible to their vision instead of rushing to an impossible deadline and releasing an unfinished product.

13. Dialogue System and Music

overwatch 2 sojourn
Blizzard Entertainment

There's a lot to be said about how iconic Overwatch's music has become. It's very easily one of the first pieces to come to mind when one thinks of "heroic music", and would stand tall among iconic themes such as those from franchises like Star Wars.

It isn't even just a one-off, either, with how the music in the Zero Hour cinematic got people emotional years after the first Overwatch cinematic came out. A recent feature on the Overwatch: Cities & Countries soundtrack proves just how much the team cares about Overwatch's music, not even mentioning how Lucio, an in-universe DJ, has his own official album in Synaesthesia Auditiva. The team even had its own 18-minute feature on Overwatch's music on the first day of Blizzconline.

Overwatch 2 seems to be developing new themes for their heroes and their plethora of new locations - a massive undertaking for any musical team, but one they seem distinctly excited about.

There's also been talk of how dialogue will be unique for each hero depending on who gets brought on missions, changing interactions and making the story all the more dynamic and engaging along the way.

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