Overwatch: Ranking Every Summer Games 2019 Skin

We’re all going on a summer holiday.


Summer brings another seasonal event for Overwatch, with the Summer Games event usually one of the most popular it offers. There’s three skins you can unlock via challenges, and four Legendary ones you have to buy.

It wouldn’t be Overwatch without microtransactions, right?

There’s some great skins on offer, but there’s a few others which feel a little half baked. Unless you’re a completionist or you main the characters on the lower end here, you’re best off saving your coin. If you have enough loot though, the ones at the upper end are definitely worth splashing out for...

It’s not just the new skins which Summer Games brings to Overwatch though, even if that’s all being focussed on here. It also brings back the old skins from previous Summer Games in case you missed out. Junkrat’s Cricket and Windowmaker’s Tricolore and Côte D’Azur are three worth looking out for.

There’s new emotes and intros too to make sure you’re fully immersed in the Summer Games spirit.

The much anticipated return of Lucioball, a Rocket League meets Overwatch style sports game, is a great place to test out some of these summer skins too. Enjoy it while you can; it’s all over on August 5th.

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