Sucker Punch's PlayStation Exclusive Spider-Man Game Might Be Real After All

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Please, just please let this be true.

So, back on April 21st, NerdLeaks tweeted the following, which straight-up confirmed a new Spider-Man game was coming.


Following this, we saw some fake box art pop up on an Amazon listing for what looked to be a remastered version of the original Infamous, called the 'Lightning Edition'. The big takeaway was a small sticker in the corner that alluded to not only a demo for the aforementioned Spidey game, but that Sucker Punch would be developing.

Infamous spider man leak
Amazon/Sucker Punch

The natural reaction was to assume this as confirmation, but it was quickly proven fake as a now-deleted Reddit thread showed the logo being assembled in Photoshop. It would appear the posting was just a response to the original NerdLeak tweet.


However, as many outlets then went to bat claiming the whole thing was a hoax, a tantalising and new piece of info has upended that yet again:

Spider man game leak
Marvel/Stephen Oyoung

The above image is taken from the CV of one Stephen Oyoung, a stuntman who does motion capture work for Blur Studios, one of the most prolific studios in the business. Since this info was posted on his public CV, it's since been removed, and both Sony nor Sucker Punch are yet to comment.


When was the last time such a public CV listing was swiftly taken down? Well, that'd be a 3D rendering artist on LinkedIN, who noted before E3 they were working on an early cinematic for Fallout 4, which was then revealed at the show.

Plus, think on the fact Sony still have a hold on Spidey's rights as a character, despite him appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every movie iteration of the character has received a video game incarnation, with the last being Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014. There's also the fact that Spidey's font was used on the original PS3 design, Sucker Punch are a Sony-exclusive studio, and the character appearing in an exclusive would be a HUGE get following the mixed reaction to the PS4.5 console upgrade.

Fingers crossed, as my Spidey senses are most definitely tingling.

Would you like to see a Spider-Man game put together by the guys behind Infamous? Let us know in the comments!

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