WWE 2K19: 13 CAWS Better Than Official Wrestlers

Step aside, 2K...

WWE 2K19 The Ultimate Warrior
2K Games

Armed with a lighting engine that'd make most AAA titles jealous, 2K have been able to soften the harsh edges of some character models in their WWE series. As gorgeous light cascades down from the heavens, noodle-like hair, dead eyes and waxy skin don't seem as much of a problem as they once did.

Then, the lights come on, the bell rings and some of the models look more WCW Backstage Assault than they should. OK, maybe not that bad, but hardly befitting of a game released in 2018.

With a jaw-dropping 252 in-game characters to render, it's forgiveable that not every single one comes out of 2K's studio looking perfect. The worst offenders include Lana, Sheamus and Sycho Sid. Others are decent without imitating the stars we see on WWE television every week. Dean Ambrose and Baron Corbin, for example, are woefully out of date.

Leave it to Community Creations. That place has been a God send for those who buy 2K's series annually, and it's the best hunting ground if you're looking to replace shoddy in-game characters (or outdated attires) with fan creations that do a better job...

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