WWE 2K19: 20 Most Downloaded CAWs

The REAL Best In The World...

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We've already looked at CAWs you must download, the best female creations, the weirdest ones the Community has spat out, TNA CAWs and ones from yesteryear in WCW. Is that enough links for you? Now, it's time to look at what everyone who enjoys the creation suite has been downloading the most.

Rather handily, the Community Creations menu lets you see the cream of the crop from the game's best creators by offering up their work first. If you'd rather see newer creations, that's possible too, and so is seeing 'what's hot' and being downloaded the most this very week. This system encourages competition between creators, and it leads to some stunning uploads.

You're gonna' be surprised by some of the ones in here, no doubt. Not many of them are too wacky, which is a bit of a shock, and there aren't too many re-skins of on-disc WWE stars either. Instead, it's like a who's who of independent goodness and names 2K omitted from the game's original roster.

Here's another shock: there's no Kenny Omega to speak of. Some of his pals did turn up though...

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