10 Most Unexpected Time Jumps In Horror Movies

9. The Boat Arrives - Triangle

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13 years before director Ruben Östlund made everyone lose their lunch with his movie Triangle of Sadness, a different movie with a similar name also set its action aboard a suspicious ocean liner.

Released in 2009, Triangle stars Melissa George as Jess, a woman whose plans to go on a relaxing boating trip backfire massively. After their first vessel sinks, Jess and the rest of the survivors end up aboard an abandoned cruise ship. Well, at least they think it's abandoned.

It turns out the ship is stuck in a time loop, which Jess and her friends must figure out how to escape. They learn this by spotting a second version of themselves climb aboard the liner, sending this whole horrifying ordeal right back to the very start.

Whilst viewers will definitely know something is up with the haunted boat, there's nothing to suggest that time travel is at play until it actually appears on screen. The movie eventually reaches its satisfying climax when Jess washes ashore near her home, only to return there and find that she is back at the start of the day she went out to sea in the first place.

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