Guess The 90s Band From The Lyrics

A little trip down memory lane to spice up your life. Can you guess the '90s band from the lyric?


The 1990s was a decade that provided us with many great songs and even more guilty pleasures. Whether you were ‘Getting Jiggy With It’ or ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’, everybody had a song that they couldn’t help but dance to at the school disco.

The pop charts were littered with an eclectic mix of music styles, from the birth of grunge music courtesy of Nirvana to the near-death of rap music courtesy of Vanilla Ice. There were rivalries born out of battles for the number one spot in the charts, between boybands and girlbands and Britpop giants Oasis and Blur.

It was a bizarre time in the music industry that saw everybody from Robson & Jerome to Mr. Blobby score number one singles. But the varied acts that found mainstream success during the decade help bring back numerous nostalgic memories.

Whether people would like to admit it or not, anybody that grew up during this time can dance the Macarena. But can you identify these ‘90s bands from one lyric?

1. "He’s The One, Who Likes All Our Pretty Songs And He Like To Sing Along"

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